The objective of the project is to raise awareness of rights amongst farm workers in the Western Cape, build the confidence of farm workers to exercise these rights and provide information and networks with local organisations to support them to do so. 
The project focusses on the use of theatre as a medium to raise awareness and the medium of Forum theatre where theatre is used in a smaller workshop environment to reinforce broader learning around basic rights and build workers communication, conflict resolution and negotiations skills.
The use of theatre as a form of delivering popular education around issues of farm worker rights, provides participants with information about their rights whilst also illustrating how to act on their rights. Theatre provides a safe place to convey both the context workers are currently in and new and different ways of being in society. It affirms more healthy personal, social and industrial relations.  
The reach of the project  is increased through the use of radio  where  the voice of workers on specific issues is raised and linked to interviews with experts on farm worker issues. 
The project is funded by the Embassy of France in South Africa's Civil Society Development fund. 
The play Saamstaan and initial project was originally funded by the Foundation for Human Rights.

Fair Trade - Resources

Farm worker training manual (1.2MB) This manual was developed as part of our ongoing work to offer training and skills development for small scale farmers and farm workers. This training manual covers issues of the how the economy works, the role of trade in the economy... and will help farm workers get a better understanding of how that fit into the wider agricultural economy. Ook in Afrikaans beskikbaar

A Practical Guide to Fair Trade Premium Projects for Small Farmers and Joint Bodies is a joint publication (together with Fair Trade South Africa and the City of Cape Town). It is aimed at FLO certified small-farmers and farm-worker Joint Bodies, and explores the processes and rules around managing and spending FLO premium funds. It is written in a simple, eary-to-read style and gives a large number of real life examples.

Ook in Afrikaans beskikbaar!

A beginners guide to alternative trade and fair trade in South Africa (104KB PDF) is a combined English/Afrikaans version. The booklet provides an overview of the basic issues relating to fair trade in South Africa.

The Association for Fairness in Trade (AFIT) produces a regular Newsletter