There is jubilation this month as farm workers with the Association for Fairness in Trade (AFIT) consider the potential benefits of the amended terms of use for the fair-trade premiums, where 20 percent can now be taken in cash or kind. 

Bennet Malungane from Mabunda Farm writes in February’s AFIT newsletter that this is the culmination of a suggestion raised at the Ethiopia meeting last year. 

‘Rise ’n shine for the better future of African farm workers,’ he writes. 

Another highlight in the letter is the fact that AFIT management committee member Abraham Oerson was able to offer training at last year’s Spring School, hosted in Cape Town by the Environmental Monitoring Group (EMG), after he completed a ‘train the trainer’ course in 2013. This kind of farm worker development is critical to addressing the challenges faced by this over-exploited labour sector. 

Read about this and more in the February issue of the AFIT newsletter, which you can download here.

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